Our 2017 Walking Festival is now over and was a great success bringing lots of walkers to the town of Dursley to take part in the 27 walks we had on offer.

Lots of comments were received from our walkers and these included the following:-

Nordic Taster walk was an excellent inclusion in the programme.

Thank you for the walk and for the care and concern taken on the walk.

Very informative walk particularly the walk around Cam Mills.

I found a good variety of walks with a good range of exertion.

There was a good range of walks - different lengths and interests.

Really enjoyed the Draw around Dursley walk, it could be extended.

Do the same again next time please - you have a beautiful town.

Why not repeat walks during the programme, I had trouble deciding which walks to do.

Programme of walks is excellent.

The list of walks was excellent.

The evening History talk was very interesting, a good speaker.

Good pace, good walk.

Lots more comments were made about this and previous festivals, if you wish to see the walks we had in our 2017 festival the programme can be seen by clicking here. 

If you walked at the 2017 walking festival and would like to complete the feedback form on line please click here