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Posted by Peter Haynes on 05/10/2019

Joined the Cam's Historic graveyards walk and the leaf and ground up and around walk on Wednesday 02/10/2019.Both walks were excellent had a really great day Many Thanks

Posted by Jane Bilous on 09/10/2017

Great walking festival. Hopefully a lot of the walks will be repeated next year as I struggled to choose which walk to do. For instance, I went on the Seven Woods Birding but would have like to have tried Nordic walking on Friday. On Saturday I went on the Photography walk but would have liked to do the Heritage Walk. Also, was not available on Thursday and would have liked to do Over the fields to Frocester. So much choice-it was really good.

Posted by stephanie higginson callaghan on 11/10/2016

Hi, my husband and I joined the Breakheart Quarry and Rockstones walk last Sunday the 9th October. Thank you for the sincere welcome you gave us and for the lovely walk. It is the first time we have been to the area, we are impressed with the beautiful countryside.

Posted by Lucy on 22/08/2015

Thank you to everyone involved in the Lantern Way walk and leaflet, a good walk with shorter opportunities. Some lovely countryside to be enjoyed. Looking forward to your walking festival in October. Sorry I do not use facebook, I expect people are using it instead of this guest page. can't believe it is a year since I wrote the last message.

Posted by Lucy (Dursley) on 28/08/2014

Thank you for the Festival information, it is good to see such a varied programme, I certainly hope to go on some of the walks and attend your social evenings, I will contact you next month for quiz tickets and will tell my friends about the talk and the tea and cakes.

Posted by Debbie Rice on 16/12/2013

I attended a walk this fall during the 'Walking Festival 2013' and what a lovely day it was. I was running late getting to the meeting spot in the main market area, but through the extreme kindness of the other walkers, I was able to join in with everyone. It was one of the most memorable adventures of my trip and I can't say enough about the kindness of everyone. I'm hoping to get back to England and to Dursley soon and will certainly be signing up for another walk. Thank you Dursley walkers for making the day so memorable! Debbie Rice

Posted by A regular walker on 24/06/2013

I know the Dursley area has lots of good walks and thank you for your very informative website, it adds to the appreciation rather than just passing through the locality. Best wishes for the WAW accreditation application.

Posted by Helen on 05/06/2013

Congratulations on a wonderfully informative website.